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Scallop Fishing Grounds

Scallops from George's Bank

George’s Bank is the primary grounds for most of the New England scallop fleet.  This area extends from the east of Nantucket to 200 miles out on the Hague Line.  The scallops harvested here are rugged, include a variety of sizes, and range in color from translucent ivory to light orange.  George’s Bank is also home to many species of fish and the scallop industry has worked over the years to create effective ways to harvest scallops while avoiding bycatch of fish. 

During storm surges George’s Bank tides are so large there have been stories dating back to the early 20th century of Italian fisherman from Gloucester standing on the peaks of George’s during low tide.  The most productive grounds, the northeast peak, was relinquished to Canadian fisherman when international lines were drawn in the 1980’s dissecting George’s Bank.  

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Scallops from the Channel

Nantucket Light Ship closed area (NLCA) North.

NLCA north is located in the northern side of the blue rectangle.  This spot got it’s name because there used to be an anchored ship here which functioned exactly like a light house to help keep ships from running aground in the shoals. 

Closed area boundaries, the area where scallopers are allowed to fish, were set in 1999 by the federal government.  They periodically rotate management areas to allow scallops to be harvested.  This area is comprised mainly of sandy bottom and big tides.  We catch a large scallop here because this area has been closed to fisherman for the last 10 years, allowing the scallops to grow in size.  Many fisherman have found it is important to rotate closed areas because scallops that aren't harvested in a timely manner become gray, weak, and unprofitable.

Channel scallops have a distinctly sweet taste and they are Chad’s favorite.

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Scallops from the Mid-Atlantic

This area stretches from the Chesapeake Bay up to Long Island.  The scallops we harvest here tend to be larger in size and range in color from translucent ivory to light orange.  In the Mid-Atlantic area, in general, there are less tides than in George’s Bank and the Channel.  At times the biomass of scallops is affected and scallops are displaced by hurricanes, most recently by hurricane Sandy.  

From a fisherman’s perspective, it is easier to fish the Mid-Atlantic because this area has little to no rocks, noticeably less tide, and only short periods of fog.  Historically, east coast fisherman from Maine to Florida have descended onto Mid-Atlantic scallops when fisheries close to home are suffering.


The scallops were fresh and so delicious.

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My family had the fish and scallops last night. Everyone was raving about it, it was delicious. Great haddock, great scallops. My parents LOVED it. Thanks again.

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Great seafood!!!!!

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We had the haddock & scallops last night for dinner. It truly, truly was the best we've ever eaten. We are hooked. Pun intended.

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NC shrimp is on fire!

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You guys have the BEST seafood in the northeast.

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I have ordered and had shipped to Arizona! I am a New Bedford girl, living in the desert. Best seafood hands down! Thank you!

Joanne and Tim Hiller (Arizona)